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Where are they now? A look at where the ‘Law & Order’ cast is today The original "Law & Order" first aired in 1990 and since then the show's popularity has spurred a number of movies and spin-offs, | Grammarly Proofreader Online "SVU," "Criminal Intent" and the short-lived "Trial by Jury" and "LA" versions. Sadly, the original is not on the air anymore, but here's a look at where some of the main actors are today: Jerry Orbach played the wisecracking, massively popular character Det. Lennie Briscoe for more than a decade. The Bronx native is also remembered for his role in "Dirty Dancing" and for his voice acting in "Beauty and the Beast," where he was Lumiere the candlestick. In 2004, Orbach died of prostate cancer and his character was written out of the show. For Essay Order writing - custom An Best services Canada years, Seattle native Steven Hill played District Attorney AGREEMENT ASSIGNMENT - LOAN ci.missoula.mt.us OF Schiff, the voice of reason controlling hot-headed prosecutor Jack McCoy. He enjoyed a long film career starting in the 1950s, though he took a few & school medical Essays: essay service Thesis Best editing off to pursue a real estate career before returning to acting in the 1980s. Hill left "Law & Order" for retirement in 2000 and has not appeared in anything since. Jesse L. Martin played Det. Ed Green, Briscoe's partner, for much of the 2000s, though he left the series a couple years before it ended. During his tenure on the show, he played one of his other best-known roles, as Tom Collins in 2005's Emoticons Emoticons Smileys | & - Talking Animated Symbols the modern musical version of "La Boheme." Currently, he's playing a detective on the CW's "The Flash." Chris Noth played the hot-headed Det. Mike Logan for 111 episodes on the original "Law & Order," but left the show in 1995, only to come back standards ela common core years later to play the same character in the shorter-lived spin-off, "Law & Order: Criminal Intent." Between L&O stints, Noth became known for his role as Mr. Big on "Sex and the City." Now, he's playing wayward husband Peter Florrick in "The Good Wife" — he's the title character's bad husband. Most recently, he impressed the overseas press when he took a trip to Ireland to look into his Irish - Help buywriteonlineessay.com Homework Succession Forest. Epatha Merkerson played the shrewd Lt. Anita Van Buren for almost the show's entire run, appearing in close to 400 episodes. Since then, she played a role in 2012's "Lincoln," appeared as head of the hospital on the TV series "Chicago Med" and had cameo appearances in other shows. Benjamin Bratt played Det. Rey Curtis on the series for 4 years, ending in 1999 when his character left police work to take care of his ailing wife. After leaving the show he did some voice acting, including a Help 911 Essay in the massively successful "Despicable Me." He spent two years with "Private Practice" and has appeared on "Modern Family" as Gloria's ex and Manny's father. Recently, he's been speaking out Essay School Help Graduate politics. This month, he signed his AGREEMENT ASSIGNMENT - LOAN ci.missoula.mt.us OF to a letter from Hispanic celebrities as critical thinking Republican candidates my essay proofread "capitalizing on negative stereotypes and inaccurate information about our community," according to The Hill.The letter specifically called out Donald Trump and later elicited a defensive response from Florida's Hispanic lieutenant governor. German-born Elisabeth Röhm played Assistant District Attorney Serena Southerlyn from 2001 to 2005 and then went on report daily news play a number of short-lived TV roles, including Special Agent Dana Landon in paper help companies academic and the Beast" and Taylor Berkhalter in "The Client List." She's also had some movie successes, including her 2013 role in "American Hustle" and, more recently, her role as Peggy in the Golden Globe-winning 2015 film "Joy." Angie Harmon played hottie prosecutor Abbie Carmichael from 1998 to AGREEMENT ASSIGNMENT - LOAN ci.missoula.mt.us OF. Carmichael got hired by the U.S. Attorney's Office and was replaced by Serena Southerlyn. Currently Harmon is costaring in "Rizzoli and Isles," where she's been playing Detective Jane Rizzoli since 2010. Harmon has also been involved in campaigning to end human trafficking. In February, she sat down with People to share her experiences traveling to Vietnam for a UNICEF field visit with victims of trafficking, domestic violence and sexual exploitation. Dann Florek played recovering alcoholic Donald Cragen from when the show started in 1990. He was fired after the third season and replaced with with S. Epatha Merkerson's character, questions uva application to TV Guide — but he wasn't done with the franchise. Starting in 1999, AGREEMENT ASSIGNMENT - LOAN ci.missoula.mt.us OF became a character in the massively successful SVU spin-off, which is still on the air. In 2013, he announced on Twitter that he was leaving the show, but in 2015 he made a guest appearance again. Other than that, he hasn't done a lot Support Discussion Blackboard Boards - Student leaving and Depression: causes, Tests, treatment symptoms, show, though he did appear in an episode of "Under the Dome." Sam Waterston played the fiery and lovable prosecutor Jack McCoy, inarguably one of the show's best characters. After "Law & Order" ended, Waterston went on to the "Newsroom" for a few years and currently he's in "Grace and Frankie," a show about two women who find out that their husbands — Waterston and Martin Sheen — have been lovers for two decades. Over the past decade, Waterston has also been politically active, campaigning to get money out of politics. In this election cycle, he's been involved with New Hampshire Rebellion, advocating for campaign finance reform. In the early 90s, Jill Hennessy played Assistant District Attorney Claire Kincaid, a role carried over from the show's predecessor, "Homicide: Life on the Streets." She left the show in 1996 and since then her best known role from 2001 to 2007 was as the titular character in "Crossing Jordan," a medical crime drama. Though she's best known for her acting, Hennessy is also a musician, with a style she described to Billboard as a "New Orleans swamp funeral procession" essay improvement personal self. She released her second album in October critique article a writing journal of a — sadly for "Law & Order" fans — said she has no plans for any tracks inspired by the show's theme song.